Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dorothy Carpenter's Fund Raiser

As we have written previously, Dorothy Carpenter, having worked primarily in food service doesn't have medical insurance. She has become crippled and unable to walk without assistance. Jumping through the hoops to get help has been a frustrating experience for her and friends attempting to help. Medicaid refuses because there are not children involved and the condition is not life threatening. Problems with Dirne Clinic cropped up, as they couldn't get an MRI, which was concluded necessary for a diagnosis. Going full circle, she needs help from her friends and neighbors.

Several people have stepped up to organize a fundraiser at J.D.'S Resort in Bayview, Idaho,at which several events will take place. First, an auction will be held with viewing at 11:00am, April 30, followed by the auction at 1:00 pm. Several very nice items have been donated as of today, but more are needed. If you have stuff you aren't using that another might consider treasure, bring it down. Currently we have the following items that will go on the block. A commercial model Popcorn Machine, a Cord of Firewood, Tool Boxes, Golf Clubs,a Beautiful 56" X 26" Oak coffee table w/glass inlays, A $400.00 when new, as new Elipses exerciser, which gives you a walking exercise without the pounding on your feet, or in the case of this Spring, rain in your face. It's also great for that late Summer conditioning for cross coutry skiing. Either bring more auctionable items or come on down and take some of these things home. Weed eaters, TV's, other electronics and more coming in all the time.

But wait, there's more! J.W. Hardin's fourteenth final tour will play from 2:00 pm, with original members, George and Jeanne Bruner, Kevin Huff & his beautiful bride, Daveana Pleznac-Huff and most probably many guest appearances. Not only that, but if you can still stand up,a spaghetti dinner @5:00 with a $5.00 donation requested for the dinner.

Y'all come down. It's party time.

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