Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tears And Cheers

Tears and cheers were the order of the day as the benefit for Dorothy Carpenter kicked off Saturday about noon. The cheers were for Dorothy, who is bravely fighting paralysis in both legs. The tears were not of sadness, but were tears of joy, as she felt the love being projected by the crowds, which numbered over 200.

With the auction outside, and live music provided by the J.W. Hardin band inside, a good time was had by all. The auction started at 1:00 pm with black clouds threatening off to the west. By the time the storm hit, the auction was just completed, as though God was holding it back so the maximum was realized at the auction. It was successful way beyond expectations as over $2000 was raised by friends, neighbors and folks from outside the area looking for bargains, then bidding more just to help out. One woman auctioned off herself as a housekeeper for a week, then insisted her boyfriend bid higher, to avoid someone else having her services. They both won.

The last items sold, everyone dashed inside or to their cars as the heavens opened up, lightning flashed and thunder roared it's approval of a day gone good. Inside the beer flowed, the joint rocked and everyone had a great time. This community really pulls together when a person is in trouble, as exhibited time and time again.

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Anonymous said...

Apologies..I left my comment on the older entry. So am reposting here at the most current update on Dorothy Carpenter.

I understand that she already had the MRI through Dirne and that they found no problems .
I had a similar problem with bad numbness in both legs several years ago and went to a chiropractor first and was fixed. A pinched nerve or two is all it was. I paid for that myself and was unemployed at the time.
I have no health insurance either and had to have a colonoscopy because of previous cancerous history in that area.. My doctor at Dirne wanted it done since I was having some symptoms and since we live on a very low income, Kootenai Medical Center was very understanding and worked out a monthly payment plan with me. I paid for 2 years until it was paid off.
There are ways to get financial assistance for these medical issues. All you have to do is go through channels and just ask. I finally managed to slowly pay off all of those expenses on my own over a 24 month period of time.