Monday, May 16, 2011

It's A Small World

Occasionally I received an inquiry relating to or about those I have written about on my blog. Using key words, I'm easy to find by category or names mentioned. Such was the case when I received an e-mail last Friday. It was from Linda Braught of the Spokane Valley.

Linda is a stamp collector,and as such prowls garage sales and other locales for old stamps. She hit the jackpot at such a sale. A huge box of letters, deeds and ancient bank statements that once belonged to country music legend, Slim Dossey. Through the magic of Google, she located me with some pieces I did featuring slim performing here in Bayview. She wondered, after curiosity nudged her into reading many of the letters, if Slim really didn't want them anymore, or was he even still alive. Well, I answered that question with a hearty yes he is. At age 92, he's still singing for many elderly people at assisted living facilities in the area. Slim had to break up his house keeping a few years ago due to a back injury he suffered. He now lives in an assisted living facility.

I couldn't remember what place he moved to,but found out this morning. Slim resides at Ivy Court on Ironwood Place in Coeur d' Alene. After talking to Slim it was obvious he wanted the letters, deeds and other old papers and referred me to his son,Jim for action. Linda, after reading many of the letters became an admirer of Slim and his now deceased family who appeared to be very close and great letter writers.

At last word the principals of this drama are making arrangements to meet and visit, and to return the lost letters, etc.

With the Memorial Day week-end approaching, it is appropriate to remind you that Slim was in the Navy during World War 11 and went through basic training at Farragut Naval Station.

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