Saturday, May 21, 2011

When Religion Hic-ups

I am not against religion. Other than the Moslems which have a history of conversion through conquest and torture, most religions teach peace and tolerance But now we have a wacko preacher that has it all figured out. We all gonna die at 6:00 pm local time today. As I am writing this, it is 5:54. I just heard thunder, and saw lightning. Is it the end? Or just the end for the kook that predicted the end. If, after the second time he fails at this prediction, one would think he would lose credibility. Not so. Most fanatics find ways to ooze out of the failure by citing many late breaking events that made the Rapture not happen just now. Thunder just roared again. Could this be the end? Three more minutes.

I will wait in silence for the time to pass. There are, however, benefits to the rapture. We won't have to worry about flooding of lakes and rivers in our area. Global warming will have accelerated to be inclusive in Armageddon. One more minute. Heck, I can hold my breath for that long. Well, at least I usta could. 6:00 pm and all is well. We survived again. My Bayview experience was a few drops of rain,a flash or two of lightning and one final peal of thunder. Perhaps a warning from God, maybe not. He might be sitting out there chuckling at our superstitious stupidity.


Anonymous said...

If you believe the teachings of the Bible it shouldn't matter when "The Lord" will come again. You will be ready at 6:oopm 5/21/2011, or whenever the time is here.

However,kinda glad to be alive, and kickin here in Bayview, Id.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herb, I may not comment to often ( this being my first & not last.) I would like to say, I enjoy reading your post. Glad the world did not come to an end( LOL ) because I would not get to enjoy your future post. Regards Coral.

Bay Views said...

What a delight when I saw Coralann's very first (and promised not the last) comment, all the way from Australia. No only that, but I am apparently the only US blog she follows. I would have left a comment on her blog, but I couldn';t find a place to do so. Anyway, welcome aboard, Sheila.

John Land said...

Notice your blog was posted at 17:50! So presumably you will not get this as your clock was wrong and you have had a shock a few minutes after you thought you were safe!
Best wishes Herb . So you later this year somewhere! I hope.

Bay Views said...

I was using the clock on my computer. I think Microsoft probably had the right time. I don't know about Goggle though.

Anonymous said...

Well as you so often have stated we have the right to our own opinion. People have been trying to predict the end times ever since time began. As for me I am ready to meet my Maker when He deems it is time!

Gotta love you Herb!


Bay Views said...

I think I have figured out the ten minute situation. I had started to write the post then saved it. Then went back to finish. When you save a post, then go back to it, it is saved as a draft and that time stamp remains regardless of the final posting time.