Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Changing Directions. Full Speed Behind.

A couple of days ago, the white house released a statement suggesting that the Premier of Israel and our president had a frank discussion. In political terms that means they didn't bring guns to the table with them. Netanyahu then publicly called out the president on national TV. It turns out that while nation building seems to be part of the agenda, Israel isn't willing to do that by the emasculation of their country.

By declaring the pre-1967 boundaries as the only legitimate borders, Obama overlooked a great deal of history. First, the 1948 borders were not set by any international body. It was an armistice line. both sides had run out of gas at that point. At no time did Israel agree to 1948 as permanent. There is no realistic way, short of annihilating Israel, that they would live without Jeruselem. When they were attacked, and you must remember, none of the wars from 1948 through today were started by Israel. One of the natural misfortunes of war, is that when you lose, sometimes you lose territory as well. That the Moslem community built their temple on top of the ruins of the Jewish temple was an act of deliberate blasphemy toward their cousins.

There is ample historic precedence for losing land. After world war 1, Turkey, through the Ottoman Empire, lost huge amounts of land, which was divvied up by Britain into the modern day middle east countries. MMany glaring errors of judgement happened in that act. For one, they eliminated Kurdistan, dividing it up between Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Following WW11, both Japan and Germany lost land. I could extend this thread out to infinity and I would have written a history book. I think the former examples will suffice.

Then we come to the historical Palestine, which was not a defined country at all. The west bank was part of Jordan, (awarded by the British) and Egypt who owned the Sinai as well as Gaza. The future borders of Israel were not when awarded statehood, clearly defined. Israel shouldn't have to give away a damned thing until all of the other conquered lands are given back, including the portion of Russia that used to be Poland. Of course in that case we may have to give the south back as well, but perhaps since it was part of the union to begin with, we'll get a pass on that one.

Given that when the Hebrews left Egypt, they found the ten commandments which serves today in most of the civilized world as a basis for common law, and they were awarded the "Promised land, which they held until Rome kicked them out. Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River. West Bank) All over the world every year, the chant, "Jerusalem, next year," is heard. (I don't think I got that exactly right. Perhaps someone can give me that quote accurately.)

So then. To sum up, our president, after sixty-three years of support as part of our foreign policy, has indeed kicked Israel under the bus. But Wait! There's more! Two days later, realizing that he had defecated in his own mess kit he reversed himself, stating that everyone were friends and he was misquoted and misunderstood. Well Mr. president, this has happened way too many times for you to retain any semblance of credibility. I sincerely hope you enjoy your retirement party.


Zach Hunt - Personal Trainer Spokane said...

Everything with the president is like a joke.

Anonymous said...

So the question is will he be re-elected? I respect the office but not the man.