Saturday, May 28, 2011

Community Rises To Occasion

A benefit auction was held April 30 for the purpose of helping Dorothy Carpenter pay her medical bills. Organized by Samtha & Wayne Hollingsworth, it went off with a bang. A huge crowd turned out and bidding was spirited. In all, thanks mostly to Sam and Wayne, $3462.83 was collected.

May 26, the Hollingsworths presented a check for the entire amount collected, to Mediserve, where the MRI was owed. There is still a hill to climb, but Dorothy has help now and the rest is up to her. We all wish her a speedy recovery. The community is to be commended for it's generosity and caring, even in many cases where they didn't even know Dorothy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Herb, What a beautiful post. It is wonderful to read about such positive stories such as this one. I also wish Dorothy a speedy recovery. Regards Coral.
P.S My comment spot is Just under where I sign off.This is what it looks like ( Posted by Coralann tall.kin.two.ewe. at 1:20 AM 4 comments ) Just click on comments and the box will come up. Cheers Herb.