Friday, May 13, 2011

This N' That

Members Sheryl Puckett and Dorothy "Zak" Zakrajek, of the Bayview Community Council, celebrate the dedication of a new park bench at the public boat launch in Bayview. Purchased by the council and approved by the Parks and Waterways Commission, boat owners now have a place to park their kids while launching boats. Others will indubitably use the bench for watching children wading and the main sport in Bayview, feeding ducks and geese. The council is to be commended for their support of community projects. What a pleasure to work with Kootenai County Parks & Waterways when the members of the Bayview Community Council asked to place a bench at the boat launch.
"Maria Petris, superintendent, was truly supportive of our efforts to provide a place for people to sit and enjoy the lake.Be sure to come check it out and relax while taking in the sights,"said Sheryl Puckett.

On the restaurant front, delays have plagued the reopening of both full service restaurants in Bayview. The Buttonhook ran into problems with renewing the liquor licence, finding that the licence was still in Bob Holland's name. That necessitated the issue of a completely new permit which usually takes 45 days or so for the investigation and finger print record check.

Similar problems exist for the Captain's Wheel Restaurant. Closed for over a year, the new owner, Pat McIntyre, had health problems shortly after acquiring the facility, delaying the processing of permits, etc. They too are waiting for a liquor licence which should be forthcoming shortly. It goes without saying that residents and visitors are anxiously waiting for these spots to open, so more options will be available.

As it stands now, all three meals are available at Ralph's Internet Cafe, but with limited seating capacity. That will solve itself when the weather turns a bit warmer, as he has a large outdoor seating area.

The Bay Cafe, serves breakfast and lunch, prideful of the fact that all of their food is prepared from scratch. J.D.'s doesn't serve food and is a smoking bar, which puts off many non-smokers.Both the Wheel and Buttonhook will be non-smoking.

The weather was beautiful for Easter, which is far different than the last few years when we had rain and cool weather for the egg hunt, which has been organized by the Bayview Chamber the last two years.


Mike Lee said...

Great job Herb!
So professional
Nice local update
Can't always say the same for your opinion pieces:-)
But this was very well done.

Bay Views said...

The operative word in opinion pieces is, "opinion." Our philisophical differences are ledgendary, but you must remember that opinion is one person's view of things from their perspective. Ergo, you don't have to agree with everything I say, nor does anyone else. I get just as much flack from the far right as I do from the far left.

Pat said...

Is there a, "far a bit right of center?" Haha

Bay Views said...

Yes, Pat there is. It's where most of us dwell.