Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lynching In Progess

This from facebook dialog with "Imahot teacher.:Ima wrote:
"Seriously, Herb, if you don't see that Luna is a complete and utter bully, you're not paying attention. Practically every action/statement has been an either painfully obvious or pathetically veiled effort to silence teachers. Petty details and wordings from either side don't matter much to me.....it's the unfortunate big picture Luna has built that's our problem."

Herb Huseland to Reply
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" painfully obvious or pathetically veiled" unfortunately could be applied to the fact that you have become the poster child for union activism, not teacher of the year. Personally, I would suggest that if you wish to use the handle, "Imahot teacher, you might want to change that to,"Ima hothead." As I pointed out in recent writings, 39 out of 50 states are in deep trouble and are laying off teachers in droves, much worse than in our little community. If you wish to be successful in your profession, which with your over the top activism is doubtful, try going back into the classroom, hold a parents conference and try explaining to them why in your selfish way you have abandoned their children, without even waiting for the new rules to play out.But above all, after your actions, please do not attempt to climb a high horse. You do not possess the high ground in this situation. Perhaps if you wish to be linked to Imahot, you might apply to stateline strippers. They don't have a union either,though, come to think about it. Seriously though, no thinking person would have caused you a problem in the classroom over being attractive. That comes from a noisy minority that you should have been able to ignore, since you are after all, educated, and presumably, sophisticated. Incidentaly, five dots is not proper use of an ellipsis. That would have been three dots. Just sayin', teacher.


Anonymous said...

No thinking person can believe in the Lunatic.

Sam Crawford said...

She's right Herb.