Monday, May 23, 2011

Annuals Invade

For the 28th year, a loose group calling themselves the Annuals have descended upon Bayview, Idaho. Every year, since the small group formed of bachelors when they were first of age, made it a tradition to come to Bayview a week before Memorial Day Week-end. Most years they headquartered at the Captain's Wheel. Last year it was the Floating Patio. This year it was JD's. The usually quiet neighborhood watering hole was deluged with in excess of 75 participants, many of the second generation. Now days they aren't a small group, but they still manage to stay loose.

Prepared to welcome the group, the bar stocked up and added a second bartender. Following a tradition set by Rich Peck many years ago, many jumped into the 44 degree water off of a finger pier at JD's. Rich couldn't make it this year for the first time in all of the 27 previous parties. He just recently had a knee transplant and wasn't mobile. Celebrating with the annuals for the first time, Marie Streater is shown coming out of the water faster than she went in. For the last eleven years, she hosted them at the Captain's Wheel.

One thing that I noticed was that many of the second generation participants were friends of others, not son's as had been the custom in the past. Perhaps there was a little more testosterone in the group because of that, but most were well behaved. The group grows every year.

Sunday found some survivors setting out for home, firmly on the wagon as they headed out. That will last until of course, next year, same week-end.


Charter member said...

I want to thank the people of Bayview, especially Marie, Ralph, Herb and the crew at JD's for putting up with a bunch of hooligans that just wanted to get away for one weekend and release a little stress and shake the dust off before we head back to our families and the reality of this
big ol world.

Bay Views said...

It was great having you here as always, Guys. If any of you want to stay iin touch, my e-mail address is Leave me your e-addresses.