Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Ordinarily, when a crowd gathers, I like to count the house. That wasn't possible today and tonight as J.D.'s the only bar open, they flocked to it like bees to flowers. I can't tell you how many were there, because likened to a bee hive they were here, there and everywhere. Three deep at the bar, it was fortunate that management brought on a second bartender for the overload, and still, it was touch and go. The gals behind the bar worked furiously and the Annuals were patient, as always.

As they do every year, the Annuals woke up the village of Bayview, in the hope that spring really was here at last. Flooding is all but assured here, just how bad will be under the control of the weather gods,and of course, totally dependent on whether the Rapture arrives tomorrow, in which case none of this matters much.

Tomorrow,the day selected by some biblical scholars as the end of the world, is predicted to have warm temperatures. (not related to sinners)and some showers, as the warming of the area defies the Global Warming predictions of the ecological experts. It is of note however, that 8 or 9 years ago they were predicting a return of the ice age. Personally, I think we had a precursor of the later this winter. As the old 50's song went, "Que Serra Serra." whatever will be, will be. I'll see you on Sunday.

As a side note, as I clicked out of this post, there were ads to my right, asking me to order from somewhere, biblical prophecies. Guess not all of them agree as to when the rapture happens.

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