Monday, March 21, 2011

Safety Net Missing

I was contacted today by a friend who was looking for help for yet another person. It seems that she has lost the feeling in her legs and can't walk without assistance. She is at this point disabled, yet can't get medical help. On the one hand Medicaid won't help because being crippled is not life threatening.

Social Security Disability won't help because she hasn't been diagnosed. An MRI, I am told would cost an estimated $3000. Did I mention she is broke? Obviously something is wrong with the system if a disabled person cannot get the diagnostic assistance that would either help her get back to normal or then be able to get SS.

If anyone out there knows how we can get her into an xray, MRI or CT scan please e-mail me. I do not at this time have permission to name this woman, except to say nobody should slip through the cracks like this.

LATE NEWS: Alas, but L. Yvonne Wallis was transported to Kootenai Medical center again at about 8:00pm Monday night. She was only partially conscious and incoherent.With a head injury such as she had, no chances can be taken. Please wish her well in what ever form you choose.
3/22: I spoke with her Grandson who says she may have had a stroke, but they are keeping her for another day at least.
3/23: It now appears that Yvonne had a seizure, most likely an after effect of her hammer attack. Those tend to be treated as you would epilepsy.

3/25: Yvonne is home and doing well. Her brain injury apparently brought on an epileptic seizure. She is on appropriate medication and should do better soon.


Anonymous said...

She should go to the ER. People without insurance always go there.

Anonymous said...

Herb, if the lady has not done so already have her get in touch with the Dirne clinic. They may be able to steer her in the direction of financial help. Also, have her try St Vincents. I wish her the best.

Anonymous said...

She or an advocate can write to her congressman/woman and they should be able to facilitate her getting on SSA.

But what about all you people who say we shouldn't depend on the government to solve our problems?

Bay Views said...

You have a valid point. What we really need is a system that doesn't require an indigent person to get treatment at an emergency room, which is even more expensive for the tax payer. I don't claim to have all of the answers, just questions. We seem to find federal money to support dictators and African/asian indigents, but not our own.

I am not a believer in unlimited free trade. That only benefits the investors, not the average consumer. Still, withjout the investors and the profit motive, we would be shit out of luck, because they wouldn
t invest in our busnesses. I certainly hope you aren't sufggesting we have the government own everything.We used to stave off the hordes of low paid asian workers by the use of protective tariffs. I think a judicous use of these might bring some jobs back which after all, is the root cause of the dilemma we now face in our economy.

I would like, instead of partisan barbs thrown back and forth between the two extremes,some alternative ideas. Throw out some productive ideas as to how tow reform our economy and health care. I for one, will listen.