Thursday, March 03, 2011

US Government Supports Mosques

It is accepted that our constitution forbids the establishment and or support of any religion. Our forefathers, having the recent experience of the Church of England as the official religion, specifically forbade that. From that policy, we have the right to worship any religion, or none at all.

Currently, a television station back east, WSB, reports that part of our foreign aid is being spent on repairs of mosques in the middle east. No mention of support for Christian or Jewish facilities was mentioned. See below for the full story:

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I find this outrageous considering many of these mosques are hotbeds of anti-Americans, as well as supporters of violence and terrorism.


Anonymous said...

I guess what I do not understand is how we can send money to foreign countries who take our money and then laugh behind our backs because we are 'stupid'.

We need our money here in the United States not repairing a mosque for better relations? Come on laet's get real.


riggs said...

Do your research. USAID gives to many religious organizations. And welcome to Realpolitik.

Anonymous said...

If churches do not have to pay taxes, even real estate taxes, isn't that the same as "supporting" a religion? When the pastors live much better than the majority of their "flock" it certainly says something -- at least to me.

Bay Views said...

I think the constitution requires that we not have a government etablished religion, not that religious groups cannot be non-profit. Abortion clinics are, at least some of them, non-profit, and receive the same breaks.

Any non-profit can be tax exempt, not just religion.
To put this issjue into context, remember our founding fathers were in England, forced to follow the church of England, and the early politicians were very wary of a state religion. That is miss quoted more than any other part of our constitution. There is no part that says, "separation of church and state." That is a paraphrasing that is totally misrepresented. I would venture to guess that providing religion would help everyone, not just their own, that the government handouts would be put to better use by funding organizations like St. Vincent de Paul and many others that use private donations.