Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Monday night  around 7:30  a homeless woman known to me came rushing through my back door. She asked for help from an attacker living in a motor home sited next door. . I strongly suggested that the best way to counter the pestering she was getting, was to get law enforcement involved.

deputy promptly reacted. Not waiting for back up he accosted the suspect, who then pulled a gun on him. To the officer's credit, he didn't immediately shoot him. Risking his own life, he talked the gun man into laying the gun down.

By 9:30 or so the situation was resolved. I asked the officer why he didn't shoot the guy pointing a gun at him. He replied , I identified myself as a police officer and asking him to put the gun down. The officer was totally authorized at that point to shoot the suspect. He showed at the risk of his life, a moment of judgement. The suspect put the gun down,  which saved his life.

Tonight, Roland Wayne Hughes  is in custody with a charge of domestic battery, with a $10,000 bail set. The homeless person that sought refuge in my home is gone. Is it something in the air? He was parked within feet of the location of Larry Cragun, murderer and serving a life sentence. Proving that fruit indeed doesn't fall far from the tree, the deputy's  name is  Brad Wolfinger. A secret source within the department told me that Brad and is wife are shortly expecting a baby. A third generation cop?


Anonymous said...

I am guessing that officers don't like their personal information broadcast for everyone to know, especially the bad guys out there.

Bay Views said...

@ Anonymous: I cleared the post with Major Ben Wolfinger before mentioning the deputy's first name.

Anonymous said...

Did you also clear with him that it was ok to mention he was expecting his first child? That is the part I was having issues with.

Bay Views said...

The birth announcement came from a very high source in the department. I think it is time for anonymouse to stop trying to speak for another.No birthdate was mentioned and no name or date was either. Oh, and I didn't give out their home address, phone number or spouses name. Get a life anonymous.