Monday, July 09, 2012

Bayview Daze 2012

Sunday morning following the previous night's festivities, dawned so quiet you could hear the fish swimming by in Scenic Bay at Bayview, Idaho. Last night, Saturday July 7 was entirely another thing. Permanent residents hunkered down knowing that the thousands of visitors would soon be gone.

Saturday started out with the usual parade, which was managed this year by Norma Jean Knowles who probably is still looking for the mind she must have lost organizing the parade. Norma Jean, You did a great job. A new feature this year was a carnival which was arranged for by Chan Karupiah of J.D's Resort. Add to these activities were thousands of revelers crowding the aisles of the street fair looking for souvenirs. Dan English marched in the parade with the other three Kootenai County Democrats.

It was impossible to estimate the numbers of visitors since many were spread out in marinas on boats and float homes as well as RV spaces, which have been oh so rare lately. Other than the family orientated activities of which there were many, the late night crowd gathered around the local watering holes ordering their favorite beverages by the hundreds and listening to any of the five or six different musical venues.

The Carnival was shoehorned into a spot that wasn't originally planned for, but a few naysayers managed to thwart several plans of action. The street parade had a closure permit this year which allowed room for the carnival rides. We had more vendors than in the past but the great organizing ability of Paul Celeri, past Vice President of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce.

One of the more amazing feats was the removal of three derelict mobile homes in one week, tearing them down, disposing of the debris and plumbing and wiring the spaces for RV spaces for Scenic Bay Marina. By Saturday afternoon all spaces were rented. Unfortunately, one adventuresome party shot sky rockets toward the lake, injuring a child that was tent camping below the lime kilns.

Parade Grand Marshall were this year's queen, Mandy Skala and last year's queen Nannette Bradetich, L-R

Chance Long, playing at the Captain's Wheel


Jennifer Williams said...

Sounds like fun!Did you MC? What type of new vendors were there?

Bay Views said...

I don't MC the Bayview Parade anymore. Ralph does that. I do MC the Athol Parade though.