Monday, July 23, 2012

Timberlake Fire District

A pontoon boat with 8 passengers and 3 dogs is taking on water near the Cement Plant close to Lakeview. Both Sheriff and Timberlake fire boats are rushing across the lake, with the pedal to the metal Friday late afternoon.

Timberlake Fire said:

"All passengers and dogs were rescued and okay. we put 5 passengers and 1 dog on our fire boat and the remainder on the Navy boats. It was a combined effort and all worked out."

Apparently of the eight passengers aboard three were elderly and had trouble climbing out of the sinking craft. Paying absolutely no attention to the widely circulated Thunderstorm warnings which went out over all weather channels including marine channel 16.   When the storm hit high waves estimated at 6 to 8 feet were pounding against the heavily loaded craft. This caused water to enter the front vents. When the fire district boat arrived the sinking craft was kind of beached near the Cement Plant on the south shore of Lake Pend Oreille, Why they didn't even look up at the sky as the storm neared is a mystery. Apparently many adults do not have the basic survival training needed to safely cruise the unpredictable waters of the lake.

Many are not aware that the Naval detachment in Bayview participates in many rescues.

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