Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It Ended Before It Began

This week was a sad one for everyone connected with the Panhandle Sun. I resigned for several reasons that will go unsaid, Monday. Today, I read in the current issue that our editor, Mary Jane Honneger is also leaving.

I think that everyone connected to management will need to take a long look at current expenses versus advertising income and modify some of the parts that aren't making it. I enjoyed another gig at writing after over four years with the spokesman-Review, but in order to track down stories that matter, the corespondents need more than expense money to write quality stuff.

Anyway, I'll wait and see how things shake out. I do know one thing for sure from my days with the spokesman-Review. People will pick up a paper because many times the subjects of the stories are friends, associates or even themselves. Readers are attracted to writers that have a following. Which style fits them. They like to read about their friends, community issues. It makes them even prouder to live here.

Good luck, Mary Jane. You gave it all you had. Leadership can eat you up if one isn't careful, and sometimes even when you are. Go with your head high.

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