Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I'm Not quite Done Yet

True to the vast reservoir of rumor mongers here in Bayview,  started like a Nevada forest fire. As the first old wreck of a mobile home went down, people had me being evicted, then condos built in it's place. Three unlivable and vacant trailers were destroyed. In there place Scenic Bay Marina has already converted the space to RV parking.

I'm not going anywhere. I talked to Paul a couple of days ago. He had just been asked the same question. "Is Herb going to be evicted?" Well either it was a well wisher concerned about my well being or someone wanting to immediately start the celebration.

Paul's comment is, "you got to be kidding a guy that pays his rent on time, every time, gives us no trouble, evicted? Get Serious. No, Herb is just fine where he is at." Chan, if he wished to build condos, owns several lots at Vista Bay, already zoned for multiple dwellings.

Here's the real scoop. Prior to my moving in 17 years ago, this was in fact all RV parking. The new owners figured year around income was better than summer part timers, switched back to single wide mobile homes. Unfortunately the folks that moved in were not very responsible. One side of me were tweakers. For the uninitiated, that means Methamphetamine. The other side housed a murderer that is currently serving life for the murder of Patty Heath and the seriously  injured Yvonne Wallis, of which that story has been told on previous posts.

The units were unlivable and taking up space from visitors that come Summer found the only other RV park full and Farragut State Park full all Summer. The reconverted spots should add about 6 more RV locations. Plans are underway for a thorough clean up and redecorating this into an attractive lot with a real good lake view.

I have spoken with Chan about the plans and he assured me I was not going anywhere. If anyone has questions about the project, feel free to either comment on this post, or privately e-mail me at

Come on down. There are boat slips available as well as camping, both tent and RV at both locations, Lakeland RVs and Scenic Bay Marinas Don' forget, there will be a carnival with rides galore. Something that perhaps should have happened years ago. With the old setup, only the Saturday of the three day weekends was effectively active. With rides, many tourists will stay the whole three days.

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