Sunday, July 15, 2012

Readerboard Vandalized

Sometime between 7:30 am and 8:30 am Sunday morning, someone took letters from one side of the reader board and spelled out derogatory words that defamed the women of the Bayview Chamber. I am not going to repeat them as I then would be guilty of the same. Chan drove by at 7:30 and saw no changes. He received word of the vandalism at 9:45 From Sheryl Pucket who took a picture of it and then circulated it throughout the community.

Two things are happening as I write this. First Chan is offering a $500 reward for the name or names of the perpetrators. The second is the Navy security department will be asked to review the security cameras facing the Buttonhook.

About the only way out of this is for the guilty party to march into Chan's office and apologize to him and to the Chamber as well. If you don't you are going to have consequences.


Anonymous said...

Ya know ever since I worked there and before "people" or "Someone" always messed with that board, we knew who it was! (maybe not the same person) , since it was

vulgar that is not cool so maybe it's not the same one!shame on you whoever you might be, Bayview is a Family town!:(

Anonymous said...

Any indication who the "perpetrator" is? I am sue we will never find out....