Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Women and Men Are Indeed Different

Regardless of society trying to homogenize the sexes there are glaring differences. I'll explain.

Bachelor girl: While in town, realizes she is almost out of laundry. She heads for home to do the wash.

Bachelor Guy: While in town realizes he is out of underwear. He immediately heads for WalMart.

Bachelor Girl: Following dinner, she washes the dishes and puts them away.

Bachelor Guy: Following his dinner looks at the sink and determines it isn't at capacity yet.

Bachelor Girl: Takes half full garbage cans out to the dumpster.

Bachelor Guy: looks at overflowing garbage can and determines one or two things will fit so leaves it alone.

You can obviously see that the bachelor guy knows more about labor saving devices than gals. More beer drinking time, while sunning oneself on the deck.

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