Friday, July 20, 2012

Lost Dog

When the current thunderstorm started a dog ran into the water at the Bitter End Marina. Large white shaggy fur with brown splotches. This dog is disoriented and prbably belongs to someone in an RV or Boat. The dog is at this time unrestrained and has followed the ,an that rescued it back to the Bitter End. I f you have a dog that isn't inside, get them in before they run off in panic.


Bay Views said...

The dog has been found. Actually it was found by boaters in the Bitter End Marina, after jumping out a window on upper Lime Kiln Road.

A pontoon boat with 8 passengers and 4 dogs is taking on water near the Cement Plant close to Lakeview. Both Sheriff and Timberlake fire boats are rushing across the lake, with the pedal to the metal.

Anonymous said...

All passengers and dogs were rescued and okay. we put 5 passengers and 1 dog on our fire boat and the remainder on the Navy boats. It was a combined effort and all worked out.