Monday, May 09, 2005

Federal Larceny

Wasted taxes in this country have become totally out of control, and it appears that it doesn't matter much, which party is in control.

This year the Federal budget was achieved by stealing the 150 Billion Dollars collected by Social Security. Yes, I said stealing! Even though Congress signed a note, "borrowing the money". If, while borrowing money, you knowingly do not intend, or know you can't pay it back, that is defined as intent to defraud, and is punishable as a felony.

In today's news, the presidential yacht was re-purchase for $2 Million dollars. Certainly, President Bush could cage a ride on some benefactors boat, couldn't he? Pork spending is out of control, as members of Congress battle over endless funds, for pet projects at home, most of which are not practical, or even needed.

While on my road trip last fall, I drove through the mountains on a freeway that didn't go anywhere, and was used only by myself...Periodically, I would see signs proclaiming "The Appalachian Trail, or some such thing. Some long tenured Senator or Congressman from the south, had bullied the Government into building this Arkansas blunder at the cost of untold millions. I never saw any other traffic while I was on it, and it would run out every few miles, to be replaced by a two lane road. After an hour or so, the freeway would reappear.

But back to the 150 Billion the Congress stole from our Social Security Trust. It doesn't take private accounts to reform Social Security. For starters, how about stopping Congress from looting it? Secondly, most pension funds don't invest in Stocks. Bonds and Real Estate loans prevail in those private funds. The Social Security TRUST FUND could be invested in those kinds of ways. The largest cause among many, for Social Security not keeping up, is that it doesn't develop income to keep up with inflation.

Is it possible that President Bush is pushing private accounts as the only way to keep the sticky fingers of Congress out of at least part of the money?

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