Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Politically Incorrect ... Again

A subject that among many others, as life flits by is the Heterosexual vs Gay/lesbian lifestyle. What is interesting, perhaps more so than the central issue. is that nobody wants to talk about it. The reason? Politically incorrect to question or criticize anyone that lives in this place.

This is an issue that when I was young, had never arisen. you see, those that lived in that black hole that nature created didn't talk about it, nor did they act in any way that could be construed as trans-sexual behavior. Guys acted macho, Gals acted effeminate, and none were the wiser. Well, there might have been one guy that started playing with dolls in elementary School and was obvious, but for the most part, these people that were born with this curse lived in the shadows.

The reason I chose to bring this up, are twofold. One, dialog needs to be heard about everything in life. Two, there is a wave of emotion about this affliction that is wrong from both standpoints. Those that adamantly swear that homosexuals/lesbians chose this lifestyle are sadly misinformed. The second is the one I am going to talk about here.

What brought all this on was a recent episode, where a gay writer dissed an entire town in a rude and unprecedented manner, and did it in print. But that isn't the issue either. What I found, by cruising the internet, was that people chose up sides not based on the issue, but based on their sexual persuasion. What started many years ago as an in the closet shameful secret now has segued into a pressure group that seems to be demanding privileged treatment. Laws that prohibit assault, aren't enough. Now if a person becomes obnoxious, strikes another in a social situation, then claims it was because of his or her sexual orientation, the crime rises from a misdemeanor to the level of a felony.

So it would seem that obnoxious behavior by someone of a different sexual persuasion is acceptable, but not for the others. In less than one generation, Gays have gone from vilified to expectations of a privileged class. Why not just equal?

While I am certainly aware of the changes that have taken place since I was born lo those many years ago in 1938, I am finding that some are for the good and some not. The attack on the nuclear family is, of course, not just the fault of Gays. But the incessant attacks come from lack of respect,lack of cohesiveness as a community, lack of patriotism, in short, we are witnessing some of the same things that brought down the Roman Empire and others. The breakdown of morality, in all of it's forms.

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Dogwalkmusings said...

Interesting and unusual post from you. Why not equal indeed. Those who have to be "In your face" about any cause with which another disagrees never seem to understand they do their cause more harm than good.