Monday, March 12, 2012

Are All Of The Candidates Real??

Well the stump season is well upon us once again. Some things that I perceive as different though are happening this election season. First, I see more competition in the Republican ranks for local, state and county offices. I'm talking about Idaho here.

It is very difficult if not impossible to look into the minds of some of the players. In the cases of District two, with incumbent Hart, we see several opposing candidates. Certainly, some of them are motivated by the desire to get rid of this horrible example of what not to be in a public servant. My cynical nature though, asks given the huge advantage for the incumbent to have many opposing, therefore splitting the vote.One wonders if some of this opposition is made up of friends of Hart, acting as Judas Goats to benefit their wacko friend.

In the case of Tondee, incumbent for the county council, I doubt that his opposition is contrived, but most probably just people that don't like Tondee. Still, the same result can be expected. Split opposition and another incumbent survives.

In another first, A democrat, Dan English filed for the district two seat held by Hart... What's more unusual is he may actually win the seat. There are enough Republicans out there in this heavily conservative district that believe in our public servants having integrity over purity of ideology.

English comes to the table as a practicing Christian, a community treasure having served as a city councilman, Sheriff detective, youth councilor, county clerk, founder of Anchor House, a home for troubled kids, and on top of that, he isn't an Ideological liberal. The values in this district are going to be tested severely. He has lived in Bayview as well as Twin Lakes, an anchor in this northern part of the county.

Then there is the Kootenai County Council.Larry Spencer, Gadabout and ultra-conservative,  running against one of his buddies last election cycle. It turns out that Green isn't conservative enough for Spencer, who is off the chart.

As far as the race for Kootenai County Sheriff, only one candidate stands tall amongst minor league opposition. Major Ben Wolfinger rose from 29 years ago as a patrol deputy. Didn't leave for greener pastures as most others have in this a low paying department compared to Spokane. He took the steps as they came, achieving the rank of Major, which he holds currently. Wolfinger is an officer's officer.highly respected in the department, no training would be needed for this guy and boy has he earned it. 

I will have more to say about these races as time slides inordinately toward November and the general election. Here is Dan English's web site:

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