Friday, January 10, 2014


Let me see if I have this straight. An NFL team CEO hires a General Manager. He then Hires a team coach and assistants. The GM then drafts, signs and in other ways procures the players.

Where I get confused is when a GM hires a coach that has had success with other teams, then fires him because he, the GM didn't get him players he could win with, he then fires the coach for incompetence.

Said GM then goes out and finds another winning coach to bring victory home. He too fails.

Given this situation where apparently the guilty party is the GM, he gets to shift the blame to the coach and players with attitudes. Why doesn't the team owners hire a winning coach then let the coach hire the GM?

So far this month, about six coaches have been fired. Only one GM, that of Miami was fired, too. This suggests that the idiots are the team owners who allow an incompetent manager to run his multi-billion dollar team, not the poor guy that was saddled with lousy players. The general managers are the ones that make player acquisition decisions, not the coach.

Perhaps it is time to force team owners such as in Washington, to sell the team to someone that knows how to run it.

Go Seahawks!

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