Thursday, April 06, 2017

New Iraq Policies

For the last 8 years, our country has been run by an avowed pacifist. His only weapon was drawing red lines.This has led to other countries such as Russia, Syria and other players that have correctly labeled the U.S. as Cowards. This creates a license for trouble makers to expand their activities.

Today, those who have wondered about President Trump's ability to first, listen to his senior advisers in  the military, and secondly, assert the United States power when felt it necessary.

What we have in reserve, are some of the former Ohio Class Missile subs which were converted to massive numbers of Tomahawk missiles. I don't know where they are deployed, but they certainly are not effective in Puget Sound.

The balancing point here is what can we do, what effect will these attacks and what possible retaliation will be probable and from where. In all of the wars this country has been involved going back to WW1, there were only two sides. Coalitions were formed, but in Iraq and Syria there are numbers of groups that are working at cross purposes with each other with mixed directions and allies.

I am proud to back a strong president that will truly make us great again. We have had two pacifist presidents have have reeked havoc on our country. Carter and now Obama. We have rearmed and recovered from these disasters, but at huge cost to catch up to where we were before these presidents dismantled our military and naval strengths.

The beast is loose in Syria and only his removal will make possible to reunite this broken state. 

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