Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Boy Scout Reunion

August 1, 1967 marked the First World Jamboree in Idaho for the international Scouting movement. Between 40 and 50 attended this celebration, many who attended the first one in 1967. There were also many current Boy Scouts along with many in scouting leadership.

I met a former scout that traveled all the way from Australia for the first Jamboree, and returned for the reunion.

1:00 pm saw a flag raising, with the Friendship Tower in the background. There are actually two of the awesome towers, but one has been gobbled up by a spreading forest.


Bikeboy said...

Between 40 and 50 attended? Wow! That's like one scout for every three countries! But at least they didn't overwhelm the state park.

(I attended a Scout gathering the year before, for USA and Canadian scouts. I bet 10,000 kids were probably there... maybe more.)

Bay Views said...

These returnees are now retirement age. Many perhaps do not care, but there is always a core group that remembers scouting fondly, as I do.