Monday, November 07, 2005

Unlimited Faith

I've spent several days trying to figure out how or whether to write this...

This is a well reported local story. I am not trying to reach local people. That has already been done. This is to get this amazing act of courage out to folks that don't live in the Spokane/North Idaho area.

Several days ago, a Mennonite family was heading to Spokane, Washington to meet up with wife and mother, Carolyn Schrock. Carolyn, pregnant with their sixth child, had gone ahead to shop.

Driving south from Chewelah, Washington, home of a small Mennonite Community, was Jeffrey Schrock and their five children. Driving North, was Clifford Helm. Helm, according to printed reports, crossed over into the oncoming lane, and struck, head-on, the Schrock vehicle.

Jeffrey Schrock, was critically injured. All five children were instantly killed.

When notified, Carolyn Schrock was reported to have said, "It was God's will".

She has since visited the hospital room of the other driver, to comfort him and offer her forgiveness. I can't in my life, remember an example of faith that transcends this one.

I don't necessarily personally believe that the children were taken as a deliberate act of God. He gave us free will, to achieve or screw up as we would. In my mind those two principles oppose each other. But it isn't important here what I believe.

The point here is that this woman's faith was so strong, that rather than collapse at the loss of her entire family of children, she comforted the very person that caused that loss. I am truly awed beyond the ability to express my feelings.

I don't think the Mennonite Religion has Saints. If they did, I believe we have one in Carolyn Schrock.


Word Tosser said...

Well, put my friend...well put..

Anonymous said...

I personally know Jeff and Carolyn Schrock and can hardly comprehend their horrific loss and pain. I agree with you 100%. Even though I believe that God truly does give us as much strength as we need for whatever we are facing, I marvel at the strength and forgiveness that Carolyn has been able to have through this devasting experience.

Bay Views said...

I believe that by writing this, and seeing the comments, that I have personally grown. I somehow feel more...Something...

cdadave said...

A belief in God and great faith are very good things to have. At the same time, I hope the Mom doesn't believe so fervently that reality becomes distorted for her. If she can really "forgive", she is indeed gracious. I don't agree with the "God's Will" thing (as I posted on my blog), but this is very sad. I hope the Shrocks have a good support network, and it sounds like they do, with their fellow church members. I don't think God makes bad things happen, but I do think he helps us deal with adversity.