Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Unbelievable Stuff

Lately, I have been writing about what if stuff regarding our economy. While that may be of some value, there are other subjects beyond the economy and the Gawdawful length of the election cycle.

One such subject was in the course of chasing down a story, I ran across a family that has a Zebra, several horses and other assorted pets. O.K. that isn't much different that the camel lady, or the folks raising Llamas, Yaks and other notable non-residents.

Two rather understated pets actually got most of my attention. One a dog, the other, a cat. While these may be ho hum everyday pets to some, these were not. For instance, the Cocker Spaniel named Azalea. Azalea never strayed off on her own.She knew her yard and stuck to it. Then something weird happened. The neighbor lady next door had a stroke. Suddenly, Azelea started spending nights at the neighbor's home and even days, when her husband had to work. Sleeping on the victim's pillow every night, Azelea has not abandoned her patient. Still coming home for dinner and a visit,her charge still safe under her watch.

Then there is Daisy May. Daisy May is a Siamese Cat. for those that are familiar with cats, they know that Siamese are not quite cats and not quite human, but somewhere in between. Such is the case with this one. When she wants a drink, she climbs up onto the large fish tank in the dining room. Most at this point would shudder in horror. The cat is going to eat the exotic fish! Not so with this one. She passes up a perfectly clean water bowl to drink out of the fish tank, as pictured. Go figure. Incidentally, the story of the Zebra and other strange phenomenon will appear in the December 1st issue of River Journal Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

When I read this, I soon realized the story was about my Mom and the neibors dog. It's a true story and a amazing one as well. My mom, Carol Slominski suffered a bad stroke impairing her speech, health, strength, as well as her future. She calls the dog, "Little" I believe she thinks of, Little, as her Little Angel.