Friday, October 31, 2008

Change (Real Change)

We have had several very progressive events happen under our last two Democrat presidents. First Carter, who gave away the Panama Canal to Panama, then allowed a bunch of outlaw Shiites capture our diplomats and incarcerate them right up to the inauguration of President Reagan, whom they knew had the balls to take them out if they didn't release our people.

Shifting to President Clinton, most remember him for the affairs he had. What was much worse, were the bribes writ large that he took from the Chinese which resulted in two major events. One, was when he closed down the Long Beach Naval Station and leased it to a Chinese corporation that was solely owned by the Chinese Army/Navy. The second was when he stood still and allowed Panama to sub-lease the operation of the Panama Canal to yet another corporation owned by the Chinese Army/Navy. For those of you that are going to the knee jerk and say, "but it's their country," go back to your history books. We created Panama out of a part of what was Columbia. We built the canal and operated it for the benefit of all nations, at tremendous expense in both money and lives.

One can only wonder what damage another Democrat will do to our country, if elected. The electorate itself, you and I are to blame really, by not paying attention to the important issues. That Clinton was impeached for lying under oath was peanuts compared to the campaign contributions that poured into his coffers with a quid pro quo being control of the canal and a base on our own soil.Selling out our country is commonly called Treason.

As far as local political office is concerned, we do need balance between the two parties,a balance that we do not presently enjoy. When I lived over on the coast, in Washington State, I witnessed a solidly Democrat county government in both Pierce and King Counties. That corruption occurred is of record. The same happens anywhere that one party, whether the Democrats or Republicans hold absolute power, or as Lord Acton, echoed by Ronald Reagan said, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Such would be the case with an extreme liberal in the White House and control of both houses of congress. Turning a 180 degree course the other way is no way to run our country. If anyone is curious as to some of my votes this time around, here are the following:

President, McCain
Senator, Risch
Congress, Minnick
Kootenai Cty Commissioners, Curry and Tondee
Timberlake Fire District, Debbie Schissler


Bay Views said...

I received two comments that I rejected on this post, which I seldom do. One was shilling for an issue that I didn't cover in my post, The other, likewise was an attempt to use my soapbox for unrelated political purposes. Bottom line, is if you wish to comment on something I have brought up and it isn't a personal attack on me or anyone else, more than likely, I will print it.

On the other hand, trying to hijack my blog for unrelated political purposes will not be honored.

Anonymous said...

In other's my ball and if you don't play by my rules I'll take it and go home.

Bay Views said...

well, obviously, that wasn't what I said, but I published this idiot so that all of you could see how people choose to spin things.

I an so ready for November 5 ... Hopefully then, those that come out from under rocks will slink back to their lair.