Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Two or more years is just too much to put the American Public through. I am so sick of the campaign I could puke. Friends don't speak to each other, those with differing views aren't even cordial any more and many avoid contact with anyone that is the slightest, politically inclined. Name calling is even with adults at an all time high, which is generally when frustration overcomes intellect. Added to that is the tendency of both left and right to move even further, if one thinks that's possible, to their respective left/right positions.

Today it will be over. When the dust settles we will have a new president, a new Senator and possibly other new faces as well. Some are so disgusted with the present government, that instead of voting straight ticket, they are just voting for whomever is in opposition to the incumbent. Perhaps, after the crowing slows down, things will calm down.

One thing is for sure. Who ever loses the presidential election may, after all, be the winner. When one looks at all of the problems we are entangled with around the world, and domestically, it is scary. Economically, we are treading where we have never gone before in an attempt to stave off severe deflation. The new president, as well as the congress is going to have to stop pontificating and do something even if it requires them to cooperate with each other. One serious misstep and we my start having bread lines again after all these years of prosperity. I have in past posts gone into what I think brought us here, and they don't need to be repeated again ... at least yet.

Get out there and vote, even if your choice is the lesser evil, it's better than dropping out. If you don't vote, you have no moral right to bitch about the outcome. Well, I'm out of here to do just that.

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