Sunday, November 09, 2008

Time Out

It's about this time of year that we look around and realize that many of our friends aren't around any more. These people disappear in the fall and miraculously reappear in the late spring. They come back with tans and an attitude. I decided since I haven't taken a vacation in four years and some of my grandchildren that were in elementary school are now in High School and soon will be out on their own, that it was time to visit both.

I will depart Wednesday for southern Arizona, where I will visit with our expats down there. After a few days, days that I will be spending primarily with Jim & Jean Campbell, former owners of the Captain's Wheel in Bayview, I'll trek on to Central California, where I will stay in Manteca, through Thanksgiving.

During my trip, I will attempt to borrow a computer from time to time and will pass on any interesting experiences. I will also attempt to write my twice-monthly column in the spokesman-Review from there. Hopefully, Management will have got their act together and we will know whether neighborhood news is still going to be part of the mix. If not, well, there are other venues and I will seek out some of them. Although I've got a late start, becoming a part-time journalist at age 69, I am enjoying the experience not to mention the extra retirement income that it produces.

I should be back by December 1st. I hope you all enjoy your thanksgiving dinners.

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