Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Tired!

Since visiting with you last,I hit the road. My last road trip was prior to my establishing a blog, back some four years ago. Since then I have posted on this blog 537 times. During my original coast to coast road trip, I e-mailed DFO at Huckleberries on line, the spokesman-Review, who then published my adventures on what then was, I believe, Hot Potatoes.

This week I took off for southern Arizona in my car, not the motor home. My destination ... Wellton, Arizona, winter home to many Bayview area snowbirds including Jim & Jean Campbell, my hosts,and former owners of the Capain's Wheel in Bayview,and Liz & Larry Justus of the Lakeland RV Park.1512 miles and a sore butt later, I arrived in Wellton, Arizona, about 30 miles east of Yuma.

Today, we visited Lost Cojones, Mexico, where I spent money I couldn't afford on many items I didn't need. I have just been informed that the correct spelling of the town in Mexico is Los Algodones. During the visit in this colorful place, we found many advisors that were aparently placed strategically, so that we could be guided to the can't miss sales of almost everything. These wonderful people were very effective at their jobs and I left empty pocketed.

Driving back from the California side toward Yuma, we spotted a Wal-Mart which of course we stopped at. As we exited the store, waiting for the rest of our party, lo and behold, Dale and Vickie Parowitz, former owners of the Gibbs Tavern on Northwest Blvd in Coeur d'alene appeared. Then Jerry Mutton and A.J. Hare, all either residing in Bayview or recently departed. All totalled, nine meeting in southern Arizona at the same time and the same place. It is indeed a small world.

I'll be heading out to Central California, where I will meet up with most of my children and some of my grandchildren. What I really need to do is go home where I can rest up. More later.

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