Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Whether to, Or not?

I haven't ever written about my personal life. One, I consider that rather private, and two, almost always when you attain my age, you tend to drag emotional baggage with you. Today, I'm going to do just that. I am, other than when I attend the local watering hole, or visit other establishments, a Hermit. I am capable of holing up at home and speeding through several novels. Reading has always been my escape/entertainment.

Niggling at the edges of what passes for my mind though, is the realization that I am missing a part of life that is shared by the vast majority of my peers. That would be companionship by a member of the opposite sex. I haven't even dated for the last ten or so years, choosing the coward's way out, that of evasion and non-involvement. After a few years, I became comfortable in that role.

Still, when I get ready to go on a trip as I am going to do in the morning, I wonder what it would be like to share it with another person, sleep with another person and share the discoveries that occur on such trips. Catching a big fish is great, but it's even better when a significant other oohs and awes over the great feat just experienced.

On the down side, and there is a huge down side, most of the good ones at my age are happily married, leaving me to pick through the rejects, bitter divorcees and other malcontents with the accompanying emotional baggage. So, the question begs. Do I step up to the plate, take a few swings, or creep back into my comfortable womb of solitude. As I get older, the realization that it's almost over and a little late prompts me to ask myself these questions. The fact that Bayview is a graveyard for single guys is another factor.

I will head out tomorrow, headed for Arizona, thence to central California to visit my grown children and their children and in a couple of cases, their children.Still, I wonder what it would be like to share all of these things. ...


Kibby said...

Don't give up s.s. Believe it or not, there are many singles out there who have the same trepidations. Get yourself out there with a big smile and lots of confidence, and I bet you'll attract a honey in no time. Just remember you have to have patience. Ms. Right may be the third or fourth lady you date, but I'm sure you'll say she was worth it. Best of luck :)

Anonymous said...

"leaving me to pick through the rejects, bitter divorcees and other malcontents with the accompanying emotional baggage."

Hmmm, what exactly to the bachelors of Bayview, bring to the party?

ThomG said...

Godspeed, Herb, Godspeed.

Idaho Escapee said...

Herb, no one says you 'have' to have someone. I've largely found that relationships are more trouble than they're worth. I have never been able to sleep soundly when there's someone else in the bed. Don't despair if you are sleeping alone.

I look forward to bedtime; it's my special little time when I curl up with a book, I have the radio on a soft music station, and the entire world shrinks to the size of my bedroom. I may be younger than you, but even at my age of 54, there aren't a whole lot of prospects for me out there. Don't be too rough on yourself; it's OKAY to be single.

rpb said...

Thou shalt not tarry.
Love and companionship are worth more than a ship of gold or your so-called independence.
You know this already, I think.
I certainly do.
And I know of one divorcee who is loving, compassionate, sweet, beautiful and romantic, kick ass wonderful and simply the best. No substitute. None. Not ever.
I ain't tellin'.

Bob Prince said...

Hang in there my friend. Have a good time and don't forget to checkout Quartzsite, AZ

Bay Views said...

Alright, RPb, Bring it on. I'll investigate the potential, if any.

Bay Views said...

btw, Batchelors of Bayview was not my gig. I only promoted it for other less worthy male animals.