Sunday, November 01, 2009


Many of you that live in the Timberlake Fire district recently received a letter from Larry Spencer deriding the fire district, the fire chief and the need for more equipment. Spencer is a gadfly that hates all government and slams all projects that are proposed. He is currently suing North Idaho Community College over the education corridor, has opposed the Kroc center and just about every city and county official.

I posted a more balanced look at the fire district requests and status on this blog October 14. I suggest that those of you that received this letter check the blog for a little balance, in like telling both sides of the story. You can also go to and read it there. Spencer has a habit of dissing issues and candidates just before an election and in most cases, too late for a rebuttal. I detest these kinds of tactics.

This criticism does not necessarily apply to the Fire Commissioner race. While I'm not acquainted with three of the candidates, I fully support Rudy Rudebaugh. He is a local businessman, owning Victory Auto Parts and Solid Rock Solutions. You shouldn't hold Spencer's endorsement against him or other candidates.


Bill McCrory said...


Speaking of misrepresentations, I suggest you check your facts.

Larry Spencer, Tom Macy, and I are not suing the city of Coeur d'Alene over the education corridor. We have filed a lawsuit naming NIC and the NIC Foundation as defendants. The issue we are asking the Court to decide is whether the method of financing (lease-to-buy) chosen by NIC to spend public money on the DeArmond mill site land is consistent with the Idaho Constitution, Article VIII, Section 3.

If you're interesting in becoming informed of the details of the lawsuit, the complaint is a public document and has been posted here on

Bay Views said...

Thank you, Bill. I stand corrected on who is the defendant.