Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Lynching Of Sarah Palin

I guess I'm confused about the reactions to Sarah Palin. It would seem that she is getting an unseemly amount of praise from one side, and the same in hate from the other side. Some like her politics. some like her beauty. Others resent her politics and resent her beauty, too. I call it all foul Play.

For sure, she isn't the arch-typical politician. Still, she had enough on the ball to raise above pettiness and become the governor of Alaska. Alaskans are a bit different from the lower 48. No, actually, they are a lot different. While we down here, over the years gained a certain amount of class and what some would call civilized society, Alaska is still in many ways, a frontier. Frontiers, like ours down here 100 years ago, tend to be a little rough and ready, and without many of the frills that the establishment calls normal.

Alaskans don't have the same standard of living that we do, accepting in one or two larger cities, of which there are few. Hunting, not so much a sport for trophies, but for subsistence has long been tradition there. They of course, don't have the benefit of high rise San Franciscans to keep them on the liberal path to enlightenment. They don't want or need them. Without the guidance of the Sierra club, the average Alaskan is more of a conservationist that those organized groups.

If there has been unfairness, and there has been, I would call some of it sexist, excepting many "liberated women" appear somehow threatened by her and her family's lifestyle. I'm not going to go into the children and their behavior, simply due to the fact that few families that I know of, can claim there are no skeletons in their respective closets. There is something in the bible about casting the first stone, and many should take heed of that. Keeping healthy young people sexually apart can be a daunting chore, one that most often fails So we have free clinics and tolerance for these activities,a but when a conservative family, or at least their children fall into the passion trap, suddenly we have a huge double standard. I, for one, would like to see her critics look into their own hearts and check it out for the two-faced principle.

Those of you that do not believe the same things or have the same political viewpoints as she ... fine. That doesn't forgive demonizing her or her family.

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