Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mum's The Word

Normally when community event play out I'm right on them, so that those that are not here can keep up with community events. Today I can't.

First, there is the trial to determine ownership and control of the Captain's Wheel restaurant.It would be inappropriate to comment on an ongoing case that is playing out in court this week.

The other, is some exciting news about our Centennial and the celebrations to come. I have submitted a story about the kickoff town meeting held last Friday at the Community Center. Those of you that were there already know some of what is happening. Since I submitted a story to the Spokesman-Review, I don't want to scoop myself. I can say this, though. The paper has authorized me to do a lengthy four part story about the history of Bayview. One that will in part use portions of other stories I've written and a lot of help from our local historians.More on both issues later.

As most can see, the Bay Cafe, formerly known as Terry's and before that, Don's and even before that, Sue Nordstrom's Burger Bar, is now open for business for breakfast and lunches. We wish them great success in their new endeavor. It has been cleaned up, made safe, fire code wise and also health department wise. The hours are from 7am to 2pm Thursday through Monday, with take out available as well.

Bob Holland was turned down in his quest to create more parking places at his center of town parking lot. We aren't sure of the details, but the Chamber of commerce DAC has the details. Credibility was named as a primary cause.

More later on these and other ongoing stories.


Anonymous said...

any word how the food is at the new cafe?

Anonymous said...

wonderif chan is still part of this operation?

Anonymous said...

I truly believe the Board of County Commissioners decision to turn down the Hearing Examiners recommendation to approve the expansion of the parking lot in Bayview will be appealed to district court. Arbitrary and capricous come to mind. The Conditional Use permit met all the conditions of the county's ordinances ... the only reason it was denied was because of who was making the request.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that it is higher quality than his docks and everything else he owns for that matter. If Chan is involved you'll be charged for parking.

Anonymous said...

"wonderif chan is still part of this operation?"

He owns it, so I would guess, yes.

Anonymous said...

How come this chan guy is putting money into this town - fixing the cafe and I see a whole stack of wood for the docks.

Anonymous said...

Try the Green Burito and the fresh scones - excellent