Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Previews Of Coming Attractions

The next issue of the Panhandle Sun will feature a tribute to a guy that kept to his family for the most part, his friends and employees partied with him He absolutely adored his wife of 23 years and his three sons. He died suddenly, March 10 at his home in Athol of a massive heart attack. Over two hundred people attended his memorial service.

Following that will be a recap in the life of Lorraine Yvonne Wallis, victim of an attack in December 2010, her health issues, surgeries and the outcome of it all. Read it here, read it first in the Panhandle Sun.

Don't forget that this is a targeted audience, in Athol, Rathdrum, Bayview, Blanchard and Spirit Lake. Advertisers can contact the office for great rates without having to cover areas not in your area. 687-4030. Ask for Chrystal Jensen.

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