Friday, April 06, 2012

Yvonne Wallis

For those of you that have been following the saga of Yvonne Wallis, her struggles with a serious head injury and months wearing a helmet, it  finally is over. She was operated on Thursday and is in ICU for recovery. I'm told by the hospital that everything went well.

A special thanks go out to those that donated to her so that she could afford the trips back and forth as well as help with her heating bill this Winter.She is truly blessed with the friends and neighbors that have stepped up to help.

Larry Cragun has plead guilty for the attack which murdered Yvonne's daughter-in-law and severely injured her. He is awaiting sentencing.

She should be home within a few days. I did not take her to Seattle this time. Genette Gabica of the Bitter End Marina and Real Life Church motored her over this time and will bring her back.

I just talked to Genette and she reports that Yvonne is still not out of the anesthesia and is not breathing totally on her own yet, but that happened last time too, and is not a serious worry. I will add updates as they occur.

***Saturday, 4/7: Yvonne is awake and alert and breathing on her own. She should be released in a couple of days. She is in some pain abut that can be controlled. It looks like the end of the line treatment wise, as no furthur complications are expected.

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