Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Sheriff is Sworn In

 photo by Duane Rassmusson                                                                       

There's a new Sheriff in town. Ben Wolfinger, 30 year veteran of the Kootenai County Sheriff Department in an unusual gesture by the electorate, was voted in last November and sworn in yesterday. One of the lesser know effects of a new sheriff is that a new swearing in of deputies took place shortly thereafter. It turns out that if not re-sworn within three days, they all lose their authority.

This was followed this morning by rehiring the under sheriff as well as staff that was busy pulling cars our of ditches the snowy morning of the Swearing in ceremony.

One local citizen was heard to ask about the issue of Nepotism regarding the sheriff's son, Depjuty Brad Wolfinger. Sherriff Ben explained. There is a firewall between him and son, Brad. No activity involving his son whether positve or negative will ever cross his desk. Personnel items, promotions would come from way down the ladder in the patrol hierarchy. That and the desire of deputy Brad not to embarrass his father would see to an exemplary career.

No major changes are anticipated as of new. Since Major Wolfinger had his um ... finger on these issues in cooperation with Rocky Watson, it is probable that there are no frictions in the department.

A rumor developed last week of some interagency hijinks.Someone apparently fillied Rocky Watson's office from floor to ceiling with enpty boxes. Suspecting his soon to be successor, as the culprit he came in over the week-end and painted his office walls pink. Paybacks are indeed a ...expected.

Many did not know that Judge Marano is Ben's father-in-law. For that reason, he cannot preside over any trial involving either Sheriff Ben or son Brad as arresting officers. Since he is a judge emeritus, he probably wouldn't anyway.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Judge Marano is not Brad's father in law, it is Ben's father in law. I am married to BEN, and Judge Marano is my dad. :)

Mary Wolfinger

Anonymous said...

Judge Marano is Ben's father-in -law. I just wish Ben's mother, Alice, could have been here to see Ben sworn in as sheriff.

Ben Wolfinger said...

Herb, Judge Marano is BEN's Father-in-law.

Bay Views said...

I confuse so easily. Anyway, congratulations to the whole family, whom ever you are.