Sunday, January 06, 2013

Patience Abilgail Huseland

Yesterday, day four in Patience's life, I trekked over to Spokane to visit grandchild number 17. It occurred to me as I travelled toward my newest that of all my grandchildren this was the first born within commuting distance. I am new a proud Grandpa again, not that I was dissatisfied with the existing ones, but this was new.

The last time I held a new baby was Brian, the father of this one. Judging from the beauty and grace of Patience, the wait was worth it. As far as the possibility of this one, it beats cats by a long shot.
Human sacrifices will not be necessary but bowing toward North Spokane would be in order.

First my new Grand Baby now the Seahawks win as well. I'm definitely on a roll. Did I mention that Patience was born on January 1st? I have more family stuff but unrelated to this event so I'll do another post Monday or Tuesday.

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Ric said...

Congradulations Herb