Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Yesterday I decided that braving a heavy snow storm just to get the ever so small S/R, I left it in the box. This morning, I went out to fetch my paper. Yesterday's was still in the box, but today's was lying in the melting snow, wet and soggy. I guess my motor route carrier only throws the paper at the box one try and gone.

After blow drying the paper, I finally got to see what was going on out there. The prediction of more snow today and tomorrow is probably a bad guess from the weather guessers (again) I constantly regret not having obtained a degree in forecasting weather. What other career path can you be wrong half the time and still get raises, retirement benefits, long vacations and promotions.

Only here can we get snow forecast at the same time as thawing snow causing flooding. Oh well, perhaps if the thaw continues I can once more access my car.

Incidentally, you can access weather information from the navy here in Bayview. The link is:

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