Sunday, February 02, 2014


In no other sport, nor other city has a team plucked "spectators'" out of the rubble of fandom to become a part of the success of that sport. A part of the team and you might say are in the huddle with the players. The Twelfth Man.

These guys called Seattle Seahawks are without a doubt currently the best in the league. But in every way, fans, loyal to the core, bearer of the lean years, are now considered "participants."

Sure there are band wagon jumpers. Fair weather fans. That is natural. But there buried in the Kingdome years, bad ownership and iffy players are fans like me. Having lived in the Seattle area most of my life, I was one of the originials. Fans that attended the first game back in 1976, where they played a preseason game against St. Louis. A game that showed what was eventually to evolve. St. Louis won, if my dimming memory serves witha  score of about 32-28.

The pickup team made up of cast offs and players at the end of their careers surpised everyone with what was then called a fly pattern, Zorn to Largent. Which scored a touchdown. Mississippi gamblers all, and coached by a guy with nothing to loose threw away the standard play books. His name is Jack Patera. Where too weak physically, and lacking talent. Substituted trickery and treachery for the talent they didn't have.

Who can forget Effren Herrera, place kicker, running behind a wedge, recovering his own on side kick. Those were great moments. A time,  when we didn't expect a championship, just entertainment. I still have the ticket stub from that first game and treasure it as one of the original fan group.

I also had a ticket which unfortunately I lost, for the second Seattle Pilots baseball team. A  season that didn't happen when ownership packed up and moved to Milwaukee.Most do not know that Lou Pinella was a member of that team though traded before a game was played.

Today we can celebrate as the uncontested best team in football. It was a long time coming and I along with all of those original fans, those that are still alive anyway, are cheering, not as fans but as members of the team. To Jack Patera, who lives in Ellensburg, Washington, in retirement, never coached again, we offer thanks for a great beginning.

Go Seahawks! 43-8, defeated the number one offensive team, stole their lunch money and beat them up on the way home from school. Denver was run over by a bus. A bus called Seahawks.

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