Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Gee, take the most violent sport with individuals graded on how good they are at it, and then wonder why football players sometimes commit violence upon their own families. Who woulda guessed.

A long list starting with sports legends involved in murder, rape and other anti-social behavior Then more currently, Ray Rice and Adian Peterson, people that are honored for the degree of violence on the field suggests that there will be a higher percentage off the field than the average.

We simply cannot assume that these athletes that are trained for mental and emotional stability and can turn physical acts on and off. These are for the most part revered from an early age as tough guys. Honors and  large contracts are bestowed upon some that do not exhibit mature behavior.

A lifetime of being paid for violent acts within the rules just isn't a surprise that it surfaces in one's private life. These personalities tend toward physical solutions to problems because they are trained for that. I'm surprised that most people are surprised at these actions. When you elevate an athlete to God like status for scoring touchdowns or crunching tackles you can expect it won't be left on the field of play.

There are laws that automatically raise the punishment of a professional boxer to a felony if they punch anyone outside of the ring. Perhaps that should be extended to football players as well.

Those that are trained to attack in many cases cannot turn it off when they leave the shower room. We shouldn't be surprised when these actions occur. While most people act civilized in a domestic setting, those that are trained as modern day gladiators are not.

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steve booth said...

Surprised at the level of surprisment!. I think you are drawing a very long bow.