Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Recent incorrect information regarding a cancellation of the navy reunion has been disseminated. I will attempt to rectify that. I called Randall Butt, Park Manager to verify this stuff. He was shocked and dismayed that so much erroneous information was disseminated.

There will be a navy reunion, but open to all veterans, not just the shrinking group of WW11 veterans that served at Farragut. It will be Saturday 9:00am start with the traditional flag ceremony. This will be followed by a social at Sunrise Campground This will include a BBQ  starting at 11:30 am. The public is welcome as well if they wish to honor veterans, and especially if they had parents or grandparents that served

Butt explained that in future years the tradition will switch to be called a Commemoration, rather than a reunion, which tends to imply that only those that served at Farragut would be welcome. Not true. Throughout the days activities, park staff will be involved first with putting on the BBQ and secondly Manager, Randall Butt will act as master of ceremony for the flag service adjacent to the brig. 

In addition to the usual activities, the brig museum will open at 4:pm for those that wish to tour. In addition the brig will open Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. This will then conclude brig activities for the season. Everything that has traditionally took place annually will also take place this year and in years to come.

Other park activities are phase two of the sewer project adding an additional 4500 feet of pipeline and the shutting down of septic drain fields. A new wing of the brig will open next year with the south wall which was the brig mess hall will be refurbished and made into space for additional displays.

Perhaps in the future, those that are interested in sharing information regarding park activities, will make certain their information is correct.

As he did last year, Jesse Tinsely will entertain with his Uke and Hawaiian tunes. Jesse is a photographer for the Spokesman-Review.

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