Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Thank You

As I see 499,163 page views, since I started this blog 11 years ago, passing 500,00 tomorrow, I realized after reflection that I haven't thanked those most responsible for this success.

First,none of this would have happened if Dave Oliveria hadn't urged me to do this thing. Dave is ring master at Huckleberries on line, the North Idaho blog sponsored by the Spokesman-Review. When Steve Smith, former editor of the Spokesman-Review expanded to North Idaho with the Handle Extra  then the Prairie Voice, he recommended me as a correspondent for Northern Kootenai County, a position I held for about five years. When the S/R pulled in it's horns, discontinuing the Idaho editions, I was done. In my area of coverage, between Athol and Bayview,  the paper lost 60 subscribers. People that liked me to write about them and those events that were important to them.

The format for Bayviews, was designed for me by StebbiJo. The design that I still use.  She was a wealth of information and assistance during those early days where my computer skills were practically non-existent.

Then there was Bill McCrory, retired secret service officer. I must have called him at least three times a week for technical advise. He never hesitated to patiently help me over those hurdles.

While there were many more, these were the ones that made it all possible. Most likely, I will cross the half million page views tomorrow. Thank you all again. I just wish I would have done this way sooner.

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