Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Justice Gorsuch, Nominee

The nomination of 10th circuit court judge, Gorshuch came as a surprise to nobody. He was approved at the circuit court level by acclimation.

The issue of Constitutional Constructionists vs. going with the flow as progressives have favored bring up an important issue. Has society evolved and they want to go with them, or did starting with the Warren Court, push them into this evolution.

As was president Trump's remarks reflect, many voted for him solely on the basis of keeping the supreme court to the original job of following the U.S. Constitution. This is a heavy mandate. One that will bite democrats on the butt if they fail to realize why they lost and why he won.

Some in the progressive wing will commit political suicide if they ignore this. My hope is that the Senate does not have to use the nuclear option to shut down the negative voters. If they do, it will be on the heads of the recalcitrant Democrats.

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