Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pump Overload

Continuing the story of the Sewer District pumps being overloaded, we now find out that the float homes that are tilting are exposing their discharge pumps, causing alarms to go off.

My source believes that it is not the dribbling of faucets that is overloading the system, but these pumps that are operating under duress, are pumping huge amounts of lake water into the sewer system.

While Trump is planning to drain the swamp, it appears that Bayview Water & Sewer may be draining Lake Pend Oreille. This may not be the case, but an investigation is in order, as alarms have been going off for days.

This post is available for other journalistic use, but attribution must be honored, unlike the first go around by the CDA Press.

What is needed now is transparency and action to either repair the pumps or to disconnect these float homes from their power source. I called the Sewer District phone earlier today getting a message that the office would be closed for several days.

Someone from the Sewer District needs to do more than tell people to stop dripping their faucets while hundreds of gallons of lake water may be using up the capacity. We need action to correct the problem and better communication as well.

The Sewer district in no way has the authority to order people to stop using the system as some have suggested to me.   

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