Sunday, January 22, 2017

Misogynistic Behavior

Misogynistic behavior seems to be wildly bandied  about regarding the Trump victory. What is missing is those examples of really bad examples.

What should be leading the discussion would pretty much include the entire middle east, excepting Israel. Where a rape victim can be stoned to death by her family and many other outrages.

Let's look at our own examples in the presidencies:

Prior to the end  of WW11, then General Eisenhower commissioned a buxom English woman  in the U.S. Army. She was his driver... and more. (Non-citizens may not be commissioned officers in our military.)

President Kennedy routinely played with young ladies in the White House Swimming pool and of course the bedrooms as well. He even shared with his brother, Bobbie, the sexual favors of Marilyn Monroe.

Then we have Bill Clinton, who left only one child from his marriage, apparently due to his unavailability to the marriage bed.

Now, A Republican is being chastised for having an active sex life. Well, if he wants to shed Melania,  come to me, sweet thang.        

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