Monday, March 27, 2017

Growing Old

Growing up is out of the question. Growing old is not. Here I am, one year away from 80 years old. I have had no training for this journey. Suddenly I'm a Geezer.

I have aches and pains in locations I didn't know existed. I woke up this morning with my little finger feeling like it's broke. A couple weeks ago my doctor feeling a lump in my left pectoral, (Tit for you poorly educated)  sent me to Bonner Memorial hospital for a Mammogram.

I thought Brest Cancer only occurred in females. It turns out that it is quit common in men as well. fortunately mine was benign.

There are rumors that Spring may occur soon, but I'm not betting on it. Still I'll start my tomatoes for the seedling faze.

My 79th birthday afternoon March 23, found me watching the Zags make history. I think we have a better chance to beat South Carolina than North Carolina. Go Zags!

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Dear Herb,
Few realise that breast CA affects both females and is seen in males at about 4-5 % of cases. I always recall the opening paragraph in England for Fellowship exams that "the breast is a highly differentiated sweat gland" (sic)! Enough to put most people of its sexual conitations.
Dr John M. Land

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