Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Standing Rock Trash

I have been following the debate over the Dakota pipeline with great interest. The Standing Rock Lakotas have been very militant about clean water and the potential damage to the  environment.

Well, we all want clean air and clean water. But using that well worn excuse for shutting down just about everything won't wash.

Banks and government entities have been boycotting not only the pipeline, but any company connected to the project.

The real big issue here is extremism in the protection of our environment. This is only justified by those people and groups that trek to the nearest project themselves showing that they are pure in these alleged violations by their own behavior.

Today, in an AP story, the cleanup of the site where all of these people and tribes camped out there left behind 835 commercial sized dumpsters of trash. In my judgment that is not the way to support a cause that charges others with the same thing. Irony? Or perhaps just a cruddy group that doesn't live the lifestyle they preach. Walking the walk is more important than talking the talk.

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